About ovRland365

"Did you know that my first ovRland365 shirt design wasn’t just for profit? It was actually a joke among friends. The slogan, “Low Level Adventure” was a saying that I used to mock myself and my friends. You see, we were so busy with life that our “off-road” adventures were really well… Nothing or Low Level. So this design was to remind us that exploration, off-roading and going out to see the beauty of this world is indeed important.

These shirt designs are more for me than for you. You see, life can be stressful and full of anxiety. So spending time sketching and coming up with these designs is a way for me to relax. These designs put a smile on my face and create conversations with strangers when I'm out in public.

I receive many samples and they do not go to waste. Samples always end up in the hands of those in need. Giving samples away in person, not at a donation center, gives me the opportunity to make new friends and be encouraging.

In a way, they are essential."


My overland vehicle:
2007 Land Rover LR3

2023 Started Selling Shirts (still learning)
2024 Overland Video Podcast (in the works)