The lift kit ruined my Jeep | Podcast E1

Dan Bailey walks us through the evolution of his 2019 Jeep Renegade overland vehicle. From the worse modification that ruined the Renegade's ride and fuel mileage to the modification that Dan can not live without.


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  • About The Overland Video Podcast

    A weekly video podcast that’s focused on OVERLAND vehicle customization. Hosted by Daniel Owens, an overland and vehicle up fit enthusiast. However, the guests are you. You’re the expert on your vehicle and everyone wants to know why you did what you did and what you would do differently.

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    ovRland365 is an overland clothing company that creates fun overland themed designs which will inspire you to go adventure and will put a smile on your face. Our motto? “Save time. Skip the wash. The longer you wear our shirts the better they’ll fit.” All shirts are print on demand, using state of the art print to garment (PTG) technology. The environment thanks you!