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What to expect with your new ovRland365 "Print to Garment" (PTG) shirt.
The direct-to-garment printing we use here at ovRland365 is different from our old days of screen printing. So that our designs are visible on all our non-white shirts, we use a white underbase in the ink - basically, we mix the color white with other colors that are in the design.

So what does this mean?
It means that in some cases the color black will look more gray, especially on darker fabrics. (And other colors like the yellow we use in our logo will appear dull.) With this in mind, we do our best to keep black away from an edge of a design if we know the design will go on a dark fabric.

The trade.
Screen printing does a better job of providing a more rich color, however, this is at the cost of space and material. We just don't have the means to house all the screens, paint and machines. With PTG, we just use a specialty printer. We actually like the look of PTG technology and we take that into account on our designs. ("According to my hip nephew, the dull look is popular these days." -owens)

When you visit our website, you'll see what we call "mock-ups" of each product. Mock-ups are images we use to promote or show a design on a product. To the best of our ability, we make sure the mock-ups you see reflect the PTG look. 

Our promise.
Here at ovRland365 will do our best to make sure each product mock-up reflects what you will receive as a customer. We do our best to insure that the designs we make work well on the fabrics colors we choose to put them on. Many designs and fabrics have either been removed or remade due to not meeting our personal expectation. 
Happy customer.
If you are not happy then we are not happy. Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

Without you... We are nothing!